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React Native app development Popular apps built using React framework

Krunal Shah

Jul 13, 2018

3 min readLast Updated Sep 14, 2020

React Native app development has become popular among businesses and developers; this clear from the fact that many top apps have been built with React framework.

In the world of mobile app development, companies are always seeking quick development cycles, greater app performance and quicker time to deployment. React Native has helped businesses and developers to achieve all this. It accelerates app development across different platforms, owing to its likelihood of reusing most of the code as and when required. This is the reason why many big companies have used this framework for app development and many others planning to build their business apps are going for React Native app development.

Top companies that used React Native for app development

1. Facebook

Facebook wanted to leverage all the benefits of web app development, including quick iterations and product development by a single team only, on mobile. This is when the company used React Native to develop mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms.

Why did Facebook choose React Native?

Initially, Facebook used React Native to support only iOS. However, with its recent support to Android, the library now provides mobile UI for both iOS and Android platforms. Facebook used React Native to build its own Ads Manager app for both the platforms. The same team of developers worked to build the app for iOS and Android.

With React Native, the events Dashboard startup became twice as fast. The advances were mostly done at the framework level, which means that the app will automatically benefit when it is transferred to the latest version of React Native.

2. Instagram

Instagram embraced React Native app development to enhance their existing native app by integrating React Native into it. It began from the simplest view — the Push Notification View, which was implemented as the Webview. The need to build navigation infrastructure was eliminated as the UI was pretty simple.

Why did Instagram choose React Native?

The development team at Instagram was able to speed up the development process, thanks to React Native. 85% to 99% of code was shared between iOS and Android apps and thus the developers were able to deliver the app relatively faster than they would have delivered with a native solution.

3. Walmart

Walmart already embraced the latest technology by using Node.js, however, a few years later the company used React Native to improve its app.

The performance of the app on both iOS and Android platforms was improved by using less resources and completing the development in less time. 96% of the code was shared between platforms, and skills and experience of programmers were leveraged across the organization.

Why did Walmart use React Native?

Walmart strives to become the largest online retailer of the world. To attain competitive advantage, the company seeks new and better ways to improve customer experience, which is why it opted for React Native app development. The framework helped the company to improve its app performance, nearly same as native apps, and ensure smooth animations.

The examples of all these companies make it quite obvious that React Native is a great option to build high-performance apps in less time, while ensuring easy development.

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