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React Native App Development — The Future of Cross Platforms Apps

Krunal Shah

Jun 07, 2018

4 min readLast Updated May 03, 2022

“Our top-notch react native app development services are focused on providing you with high quality mobile apps that take your business to the next level.”

As React Native is on boom these days, app developers across the world have realized its importance. Owing to this, there is a massive jump in the number of React Native app developers. In fact, organizations these days prefer React Native app development that allows smooth app performance, short development cycle and quick deployment.

We all know here that cross-platform app demands framework like React Native which takes a little but gives in abundance. As you can see, it is easy to develop, build and maintain the functioning of applications using Facebook’s React Native (now open and available on GitHub)

In recent times, you must have observed the adaptability of React Native is surging and the demand continues to evolve. It might be facing some criticism but it has got thumbs up from developer’s community and they have already accepted it like it is going to bring an immense level of change in the hybrid app development.

What is React Native?

Started by Facebook at an internal hackathon, React Native is a JavaScript library that is helpful in creating intuitive UIs at a faster rate. It combines different components of Java, Swift, and Objective-C to develop attractive UI. Developers can integrate third-party apps and reutilize the code written for a particular platform. This framework has been introduced into hybrid app development because developers find the easiness through the development cycle.

Being a hybrid app development framework, React Native delivers high-end performance as similar to native applications. React Native framework is a lot different from other mobile app development frameworks such as Cordova and Ionic that runs on a hybrid app.

Great Advantages of React Native

  • App developers don’t have to bother about developing apps for different platforms. Because the same code can be used for multiple mobile platforms and its operations systems.
  • The components in React Native enable developers to develop apps that maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • The React Native app development is quite flexible and it takes less time for deployment. This further increases the developer productivity.
  • The third-party plugin are compatible with this framework which decreases developer’s dependability on Web View. The best part of this framework is that it uses less memory and loads at a fast rate

What Is The Future Of Hybrid App Development?

Various top mobile app developers are shifting towards hybrid app development. Due to its faster development, rapid loading time and code reusability we can expect increased growth of this framework in the upcoming years.

Because companies prefer apps that are compatible with multiple platforms, the demand for hybrid apps is sure to see the gigantic increase.

Why is React Native considered as a future Of Hybrid App Development?

When it comes to developing the good-performing app, a hybrid app makes a perfect choice. Mobile app developers are searching for new and unique ways to develop apps in less time so in that case, React Native is the way to go. Below mentioned reasons justify that React Native app development is the future of hybrid app development:

Efficient App Development

As React Native brings the adaptability and speed of web development into the hybrid space, it brings more efficiency along with. Through its component-based structure, it ensures an enhanced user experience. The UI components can be applied to existing code with a few modifications.

Reusable components

Any company that uses React Native can save a lot of time and money. Companies need not recruit multiple developers to work on the same app for more than one platform. All they need is React Native app developers who complete tasks in a short period of time.

Ensures Compatibility with Third Party Apps

The React Native app development framework allows integration with third-party apps which in turn ensures smooth and effective performance. React Native enable developers to link with a native module, allowing you to tie up the map with different device functions like zoom, rotate and lots more. The layout is fully executed with CSS like style sheets that enable developers to specify height, width, margins, and borders.

Even the Fortune companies use React Native apps for their businesses to provide the outstanding user experience. Conclusively, there are many beneficial factors one can leverage of React Native. It is amongst the magnificent JavaScript frameworks extensively used by mobile app developers all over the world. The potential of React Native is endless so it’s high time for you to realize the advancements happenings in the app development world so that you can turn them to your advantage and make more happy clients.

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