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Why choose React Native app development to build cross-platform apps?

Krunal Shah

Nov 12, 2018

3 min readLast Updated Sep 14, 2020

React Native app development is ideal for building cross-platform apps that allow business owners to target both iOS and Android users at once.

When it comes to mobile app development, the trend earlier was to build mobile apps for a single platform only. However, this trend changed gradually as cross-platform app development tools were released on the market. Today, many small and large companies, including some tech giants, are embracing cross-platform app development tools to build their mobile apps, and React Native is one of the most preferred tools in such a scenario.

React Native makes use of various UI blocks for the development of incredible mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms by utilizing a common JavaScript codebase. Thanks to React Native, even the programmers are empowered to view their code, and how it is implemented, on the mobile screens in real-time.

React Native app development not only offers benefits to programmers, it also provides remarkable advantages to business owners. Here is a look into the benefits of building cross-platform apps using React Native.

A cost-worthy solution

Unlike the apps built for a single platform, the cost involved to develop a cross-platform app is usually less. The right process employed to build a cross-platform app allows the code to be re-used across platforms.

A single app built for multiple platforms is cost-effective when it comes to testing. The platform-specific UI elements, along with a common codebase comprising the general business logic of the app together help in lowering the cost of the app. Creating a cross-platform does not mean there will be less bugs or the developers can get help with prospective UI bugs, it means that the developers can benefit from less debugging time because they need to fix bugs in the common codebase. Moreover, React Native app development eliminates the need for the developers to write multiple test cases. It eventually helps save time and resources required for quality analysis.

Enhanced user experience

A smooth user experience and consistency are the most important elements of a well-built application. But what does consistency mean exactly? It means empowering the users to identify UI elements and simplifying it for them to understand their interactions across multiple platforms.

The designers and developers today are able to provide uniform user experience to app users, thanks to React Native platform.

Perfect for prototyping

If you are a startup with an innovative app idea or if you are a product company, the best way to identify whether your product will be liked and accepted by your target audience is building a prototype and releasing it in the market to attain users’ feedback. When such is the case, React Native makes a perfect option for building a prototype. It accelerates development and allows allows you to release your business application for both iOS and Android platforms at the same time.

This leads to acquiring quick feedback, which provides you with a benefit to collect user reviews and create a position in the market. Moreover, React Native app development allows you to disrupt your industry with a flawless mobile app that is developed using quality code.

Reach more customers

Mobile apps are a great tool to promote a business. Cross-platform apps prove to be more useful for many businesses because they help entrepreneurs to widen their reach by creating a single app for both iOS and Android platforms, thereby targeting a large audience at the same time.

Understanding the benefits of React Native for cross-platform app development, if you are looking to use this technology to build your mobile app then partner with a leading and experienced React Native app development company for quality services that are in line with your business requirements and goals.

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