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Third Rock Techkno puts great value on our clients and the work they assign us. We are committed to helping them succeed and meet their business goals. We create unique, smart, innovative, user-centric web, mobile and voice applications for the Education industry.

Our team at Third Rock Techkno has the right knowledge, skills, and expertise to fulfill the technology demands of global 21st-century education. We are fully equipped to develop business and enterprise solutions for the evolving and important field of education. Our strength lies in focusing on what our clients want. We develop innovative educational tools and solutions to strengthen e-learning and distance education.

Our Work

As education and learning methods evolve, technology can be leveraged to help enhance and make them available to a wider audience. Documenting precious history in digital format can secure and preserve historical documentation for future generations. This is an extremely important task and we had the privilege of contributing to it.

The National Institute for Newman Studies (NINS) is a research institute that wanted to document its books, letters, diaries in digital format so that the maximum number of users are able to access them to enrich learning and knowledge. We helped NINS to build a user-friendly digital library with simplified access and search options.

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