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We create apps that can help your business realize its full potential. Our technology is applicable to a diverse range of industries including Media and Entertainment. Our team has rich experience in developing cutting-edge and innovative app solutions for the dynamic and fast-growing media and entertainment industry.

At Third Rock Techkno our work follows a problem-solving approach. We specialize in resolving technical complexities and developing solutions that give maximum benefit to our clients. Our apps consist of comprehensive features that provide a rich user experience. We have the capability to integrate multiple frameworks to leverage the best that technology has to offer.

Our Work

We have experience working with businesses of all sizes and goals. So when RIYAZ, a music-based startup approached us, we couldn’t be more excited to begin working with them. Riyaz wanted to develop a music-based mobile app through which users can self-learn different styles of music. From western and Carnatic to Bollywood and Hindustani music and more, the app comprises features that train users in these styles of music. In the process of app development, we also resolved certain complexities that the app was facing and ensured its smooth functionality.

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