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Maxwell is rethinking the idea of the private club as not only for the super-wealthy, but as an accessible but still exclusive concept for everyone. We believe that community shouldn’t only be accessible to the rich or the religious and that there is a difference between elitism and exclusivity.

There were once 600 private clubs in New York. Now there are maybe 30. Many people assume private clubs are only for the rich and elitist.

But continually it’s proven that people want a model around the more exclusive gathering. Soho house launched for artists and took off. The Conduit club is supposed to be for social good, a demographic that is not supposed to buy into the “private club” model, but when given the chance, they embraced it with vigor.

But for most, this model is still inaccessible due to price, and the economic model of supporting a space 24/7, and due to the need to support that space, often the size of each club grows so big that it loses its original luster.

The traditional model is also all about access to space at all times. We are adding a time element - our private club is only in the backroom/private events space at existing bars, restaurants & boutique hotels, on one night a week.

I’d like to think about how we turn the private club branding on it’s head, but with the right variables that still attract people attached to the old school idea of exclusivity and private clubs, etc.

Customer Challenge

For this very particular project, the challenge we thought was to match their luxury styling, making the platform unique. The platform was all about accessible exclusivity. We have to develop a solution that would cater to the club goers, clubs themselves and the body governing this entire institution. Delivering a unique top of the class user experience to the user was of utmost importance. The user application demanded to be self intuitive.


The solution suite consisted of three things

1. Mobile Application

2. Web Application

3. Splash page

The mobile application is developed using the React Native technology to provide the native experience to the user i.e. the app will behave as per the operating system of the mobile device. In synchronous to the mobile application we developed the web application and splash page in the React JS. We took extra care in designing the UI for the application to provide that unique luxurious feel to the user. The Splash page we designed as part to reach out to the potential user and gather memberships


The product is yet to make an official launch but the soft launch gave us the numbers we were looking for. The use of React Native framework allowed us to leverage the native look and feel of the app making the users accept it more easily. Event the clubs loved the intuitive web interface to manage the events, members and there needs from a single place. The application was able to resonate with the brand’s mission “Maxwell is your not-so-secret society. We are your oasis away from the city. It’s an exclusive community, but a non-pretentious one - not one that takes itself too seriously. It’s specific, for you and your people. It’s fashionable and forward-thinking while having a respect for the past traditions of getting together and the tradition of private clubs.”

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