New Lead Prospect

New Lead Prospect

Industry: Marketing
Customer Profile

The client was searching for a team to build an application where users can search for newly created and deleted domains through WHOIS APIs. He was clear with the technology stack he wanted to use and was looking for a team that had a great experience with Angular, NodeJS, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

Customer Challenge

In the market, everyone wants data regarding new businesses. There are things available for the new business but the end to end software was missing. This software was designed to solve the problems of marketers and sales people.


The client was clear about the requirement and roadmap of the application. Hence our team worked with Deepak and his team to combine all the required features in a single application.

1. We integrated a WHOIS API to get details of all the domains which are newly created and deleted.

2. We integrated Logstash, Kibana and Elasticsearch to process Gigabytes of data from WHOIS API.

3. We integrated Mailgun to send bulk campaign emails.

4. Users can create a campaign for promotional activities.

5. Get details of all the domain which are newly added or deleted via WHOIS.

6. We integrated Elasticsearch to provide a seamless searching experience to users as they browse over 40 terabytes of data.

7. User’s gets credit means he/she can add that no. of domains in his account.


With the help of the new system, now users can search through large data set with advanced search filters like date, industry and may more.

Users can now check campaign reports like how many users have opened their email, how many users have clicked on the emails that helps them to design and strategize their campaigns.

Technology We have Used
Front End