Industry: Process Management
Website: Nextpond
Customer Profile

Nextpond is a lightweight and fresh approach to the business process. The client Travis Reading is a business coach, he works with organization owners and decision-makers to create the process that allows one to run the organization smoothly and autonomously. The aim to create nextpond was bringing an upgrade to their existing software system, which was serving well to the industry.

Customer Challenge

Nextpond was being developed in the AngularJS and Java as backend technology. The AngularJS framework then was relatively new and was developing. The client was an early adopter of new technology and wanted to take the risk of using the JS framework. We were faced with the challenge of limited resources in terms of libraries, integration and community support. But our main challenge was to create a system that was better, faster and had a better UX than the current system that the company was employing.


The solution we delivered was giving the edge to the client on two fronts first as we were using AngularJS we had leveraged the dynamic page reload that allowed us to refresh the content of the page without actually refreshing the page. As a result of this, we were able to use the design that gives a better UX to the user in terms of the older system.

We were able to give a seamless drag and drop interface to manage the process and department dashboards. The product was developed for a year and a half with incremental releases for the user.


Nextpond changed the way the processes in an organization were created, taught and implemented. Later, due to the robustness of NextPond, it was integrated with a larger platform that provided a complete suite of business coaching services for the business owners.

Technology We have Used
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