Quran Learning App


Imam Adam Jamal




iOS native, Android native

Work Duration

5 Months


Swift, Kotlin

Team Size

1 iOS developer, 1 Android developer, 1 Backend developer, 1 QA


One of the significant challenges encountered during the development and maintenance of the app was the continuous updates based on the Quran and the integration of small animated stories into the app's backend. The goal was to provide users with a dynamic and engaging experience, allowing them to access new content without requiring frequent app updates.

Quranic, the top-rated app for Muslims seeking to learn Quranic Arabic, offers an engaging and interactive approach to delve into the words and meanings of the Quran.

Process We Followed To Develop a Quran Learning App for Muslims

Clients presented us with 200+ ideas for teaching the Quran in a fun way. We analyzed and documented these ideas to identify core objectives and common themes.

We maintained regular calls and meetings with clients to discuss progress, address concerns, and obtain feedback, ensuring a collaborative development process.

Working closely with clients, we defined the app flow, considering the target audience, proficiency levels, and desired learning outcomes.

We assisted clients in designing user-friendly mockups, incorporating their feedback to create intuitive interfaces for smooth app navigation.

We proposed multiple monetization options such as in-app purchases, subscription plans, and strategic partnerships, considering market trends and user preferences.

Tech Stack
angnode js

Key features

  • Learn the Quran in a fun way. 
  • Fun puzzle asked based on the progress.
  • Users can learn the pronunciation of words used in the Quran.
  • All show short stories based on quran.
  • Prayer timing reminder
  • Track progress of learning
key feature Quranic

Project Duration

2 weeks


18 weeks


1 weeks


1 weeks



The outcome was a Quran learning app that not only met the client's requirements but also provided a valuable and enjoyable experience for users while opening up opportunities for monetization. The regular communication and collaboration with the clients ensured that their expectations were met throughout the development process. The finalized app flow, designed in close partnership with the clients, offered a seamless and intuitive user experience. The user-friendly mockups aided in visualizing the app's interface and contributed to smooth navigation.

Quranic outcome leftQuranic outcome right
Quranic screenshot

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