Religious App for Muslims


The meaning of Islam




Flutter (Hybrid )

Work Duration

2 Months



Team Size

2 flutter developer, 1 DevOps, 1 QA


During the initial stage of our project, adopting Flutter proved challenging due to a less active community and a lack of available libraries back then. The project's requirement for eye-catching animations pushed us to create a custom animation solution from scratch. Overcoming these obstacles demanded extensive research, experimentation, and fine-tuning. Despite the initial difficulties, our team's expertise, adaptability, and creativity allowed us to successfully deliver a visually appealing custom animation that exceeded expectations.

The application boasts a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, with a plethora of convenient features. It excels in delivering precise and timely notifications, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in reminders.

Process We Followed to Develop a Religious App

  • The client conducted market research on similar apps
  • The client gathered feedback on similar apps and identified missing features.
  • We reviewed the research docs and feedback to understand market trends and user needs.
  • Based on the research and feedback, we created a list of features for the app.
  • We prepared initial mockups to outline the app's structure and layout.
  • We developed a detailed wireframe with dynamic colors for the app's UI.
  • We devised strategies for launching the app and reaching the target audience.
  • We created a milestone plan outlining key activities and timelines for app development and launch.
Tech Stack
angnode js

Key features

  • Read quran offline 
  • Prayer time reminder
  • Duas reminder
  • Qibla compass
  • Zakah calculator
  • Daily goal
  • Bedtime reminder
key feature Daily MUslim App

Project Duration

4 weeks


12 weeks


1 weeks


1 weeks



The development of the Islamic religious mobile app has yielded remarkable outcomes. The app boasts an exceptional UI and UX, ensuring a seamless user experience. It provides a comprehensive range of features and resources, including the Quran, tafsir, and scholarly articles, enabling users to deepen their knowledge and practice of Islam. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with users expressing appreciation for the app's design, content, and its ability to foster a stronger connection to their religious beliefs. The daily muslim app has successfully delivered an exceptional platform that enhances the Islamic journey for users worldwide.

Daily MUslim App outcome leftDaily MUslim App outcome right
Daily MUslim App screenshot

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