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Angular Web Development- Why build a Single Page Application?

Krunal Shah

Aug 07, 2018

4 min readLast Updated Mar 22, 2021

Angular Web development single page application

Single Page Application provides enhanced user experience. Developers worldwide are embracing Angular web development to build single page applications for companies.

Embracing AngularJS for building a Single Page Application

How often do you experience the annoying wait while navigating through a web app? Looking continuously at the screen and waiting long for a page to load. Frustrating, isn’t it?

A Single Page Application (SPA) improves the overall experience for a viewer. This type of application fits itself into a single page to provide a great user experience, similar to that of a desktop application. The benefits of a Single Page Application include:

  • There is no need to refresh the entire page, only the section that has to be changed can be loaded.
  • The web pages are exceptionally fast and responsive, leading to better user experience.
  • Ability to work offline, which means that even you lose internet connection you can continue to work because the pages are already loaded in the Single Page Application.

When it comes to developing a Single Page Application, AngularJS framework is widely adopted by developers worldwide. Even the businesses looking to build their SPA are seeking a trusted AngularJS development company to help themselves in their venture. Here are the reasons why AngularJS is a preferred choice for Single Page Application development.

Open-source framework

AngularJS features the powerful characteristics of HTML, CSS and JQuery. This open-source framework is maintained by Google and its community, and it is perfect for client-side technology. AngularJS progresses the HTML elements from their dynamic state and make them more expressive by using derivatives. Although AngularJS is open-source, it eliminates the need for making a round trip around the server to get new HTML presentation content.

Get a desired User Interface

The seamless binding that allows maximum transport of code at the time of front-end development, where data is translated to DOM and vice versa, helps to derive required UI. The developers of a Single Page Application can not only view, control and manage data, but also separate the code and the controller to get a desired UI effect. The seamless compatibility of AngularJS makes it a preferred choice to develop client-side applications.

Easy data binding

Angular web development, to build a Single Page Application, enhances the testability of the application due to easy decoupling of data that can be seen as HTML and DOM element. It is easy for a developer to find out the logic that controls the data and then separate them with ease. The dissociation of UI element and its representation provides a powerful experience compared to other frameworks.

Multiple page routing

AngularJS uses Angular Routes to define the layout and navigation of a web page application. Single Page Applications are becoming popular for providing the feel of a smart phone app. The routing capabilities of AngularJS help set up a personalized template and controller to see all sections of an application on a single page.

Lesser lines of code

Angular web development leads to quick development and testing of a SPA. It not only handles the initial framework of a project effectively, but also allows the developers to add transitions and animations anytime during the development process, to build a powerful web application. Developers with experience in JavaScript prefer AngularJS to create user-friendly application in less time.

Multi-level server communication

AngularJS framework used to create a Single Page Application builds a smooth communication with the server at a low level along with right built-in mechanisms by using RESTful services.

If you are a startup or an an SME looking to build your Single Page Application using AngularJS framework, partner with a trusted and experienced AngularJS development company that can understand your needs and provide you with a flawless SPA that can take your business to the next level.

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