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What Are The Most Essential EdTech Tools?

Krunal Shah

Sep 10, 2022

6 min readLast Updated Oct 05, 2023

The edtech industry has transformed drastically with the advancement in technologies and digitization. Gone are the days, when the traditional or conventional education system was the only way to learn and grow, be it for academic students or for working professionals.

Online education or e-learning has become an integral part of learning and that’s where educational technology tools come into play. Educational technology tools are pivotal for online learning as they help the students learn faster, and more efficiently, track their progress, achieve their milestones, and in many other ways.

To give a glimpse of the growing popularity of educational technology tools - the global education technology market size is set to reach US $127 billion by the end of 2022 from its benchmark of US $106.46 billion in 2021. And diverse educational technology tools play a crucial role in driving growth. To give you a better insight into the present edtech trends, tools, solutions, and more, in this blog, we will walk you through the top educational technology tools in 2022 and beyond. So let’s get started!

There are a lot of educational technology tools in the market, and for your understanding, we are dividing them into four main categories as shown below.

1.  Social Learning

a social learning tool refers to an educational technology tool that utilizes social software and media and social interactions, communities, and others for learning purposes. Some of the popular social learning apps are -


EdApp is one of the popular social educational technology tools that offers a range of social learning and educational courses, functions, materials and solutions. One can easily sign up with EdApp and can avail various social learning courses.

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Some of its top features and solutions include video conferencing, dedicated forums, one-to-one mentoring, face-to-face learning, and others. If you want both social learning and fun without investing heavily, then, EdApp can be your go-to choice.


Sakai is an open-source LMS (Learning Management System) that offers dedicated social learning solutions while facilitating teaching, learning, research, and collaboration. Some of its key features include quizzes, forums, chats, interactive learning, and others. It is suitable for the ones looking for free and easy-to-use social learning apps.


Peergrade is one of the highly used educational technology tools that offers competitive social learning solutions to the students through videos, documents, dedicated sessions, and others. One can also get detailed feedback on their learnings, progress, milestones achieved etc. through detailed feedback, assessments, and reports.


ePals is one of the popular names among the top educational technology apps that offers competitive social learning solutions that facilitate improved communication, collaboration, and connection among the online educators and learners. If you are interested in technology-based learning or diverse social learning courses, then ePals can be the app for you.


Headspace is a unique social learning app that offers a broad range of courses and solutions that are mainly focused on yoga, meditation, stress relief & management, spiritual empowerment,

and others. If you are interested in learning about these areas through social learning processes, then Headspace can be one of your go-to educational technology tools.

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2. Learning Content

These types of educational technology tools offer learning materials along with innovative learning solutions that make learning fun and engaging. Here are some of these types of educational technology tools.


Newsela is one of the well-known educational technology tools that is focused on providing diverse news, respective learnings from the news, current events, news, and information on myths, legends, science, technology, and other topics.

It offers extensive literature, news, and educational content catering to the differential requirements of the users. If you are interested in learning more about news or want to gain knowledge on diverse topics - from science to mythology, then Newsela can be your preferred edtech app.


If you are interested in learning in an interactive, informative, and fun way, then Edpuzzle is one of the best educational technology tools that can accommodate your requirements. Edpuzzle not only lets online educators create interactive learning videos on different skills but also integrates easily with different apps and websites. Also, it offers a complete solution for students' assessment, progress tracking, and monitoring to give a 360-degree overview of learning to the students.


EducationCity is one of the best educational technology tools that can cater to the requirement of providing learning tools and software for school as well as home learning. Their dedicated learning solutions on Math, Science, Language and other topics take the whole experience of digital learning to a whole new level. This app is useful for students as well as the ones looking for subject-specific courses.


Bookful is one of the top educational technology tools that is equipped with a range of study materials, books, content, as well as relevant games. What makes this app unique is its wide pool of segmented information in the forms of books and other formats and learning solutions in the form of 3D graphics and Augmented Reality (AR). Also, this app is compatible with a broad range of platforms or media that makes it widely accessible.

3. Lesson Planning

Lesson planning plays a crucial role in online learning where one needs to avail an instructor’s roadmap to learn, progress, assess, and optimize the effectiveness of their learning. There is a lot of lesson planning educational technology tools that help the users streamline the process. Let’s have a look.


Mentimeter is one of the widely known educational technology tools that offers solutions to create presentations of various topics, lessons, along with real-time feedback. This not only simplifies the lesson planning but also helps one track, analyze, and improve one's progress through customized presentations. Also it lets the online educators provide effective online lectures through engaging lesson planning and classes.


Quizlet, an one of its kind educational technology tool, is equipped with a range of solutions including flashcards, experts’ learning and planning solutions, various textbook solutions, and others. It also offers gaming, and fun learning and lesson planning solutions to improve the overall learning process.


If you are looking for efficient educational technology tools for lesson planning and learning, then TED-Ed can be a reliable option. This tool lets you plan, create and organize your learning lessons from various inspirational TED talks, informative and educational videos. Also one can share, and distribute such lessons and track their learning progress easily.


Wakelet is one of the famous educational technology tools that is equipped with a dedicated solution for learning lessons and content planning, organizing, sharing, and tracking for effective learning. Equipped with the latest technologies, it can help you gather different forms of content like docs, images, text, and others. By making the creation and sharing of multimedia resources easier, it aids in your lesson planning tasks.

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4. Useful Tools

Apart from the above-mentioned types of educational technology tools, there are a lot of other different types of educational technology tools that cater to the requirements in the edtech sector. Here are some of the top tools for your reference.

Zoom: This online meeting app is often used as an edtech tool that helps in taking online classes, conducting virtual discussions and doubt-solving classes, one-to-one sessions, and others.

Grammarly: Grammarly is a well-known tool to check grammar, and finding and fix errors.

Storybird: Storybird helps with creative writing, thinking as well as learning different topics through various writing prompts, quizzes, lessons, and others.

Adobe Scan: It is one of the essential educational technology tools that help in scanning documents and uploading them online and thus helping in online tests, assessments, and learning. This tool helps in drawing various diagrams and thus catering to the requirements during learning, creating documents, and others.

Touchcast: This is an efficient edtech tool that helps learning fun and interactive. Equipped with interactive learning sessions, Q/A, polls, quizzes and others, Touchcast can meet differential requirements of the online learners.

With the increasing inclination towards online learning, the demand for various educational technology tools has spiked over the past decade. With the growing adoption of new normal and the digitization taking over, this trend is going to become even more prominent in the near future.

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