How to draw a line using HTML 5 canvas and FabricJS?

Since last year we have been working closely with HTML5 Canvas and FabricJSto develop one of our product called Quick Capture. Quick Capture is chrome extension that allows you capture your browser screen, annotate it and share it over platforms like Google drive, Slack and direct link share.

We learned a lot over the year about the Canvas and FabricJS and now we would like to share that learning over series of blog.

In this article, we would sharing with you a small example of how we can draw a simple line on canvas using FabricJS library.

Following JSFiddle will give you a detail idea about how we can draw and move a line on HTML Canvas.

Stay tuned for the part two of the blog in this we would be sharing about how we could draw an Arrow using the HTML5 Canvas and FabricJS.

Happy coding !!!

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