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What can a Node JS development company do to speed up your web app?

Krunal Shah

Oct 23, 2018

4 min readLast Updated Nov 10, 2023

If you are planning to build your Node.js web app, there are different ways by which a Node JS development company can make your application faster.

Owing to event-driven and asynchronous nature of Node.js, it has become extremely popular among programmers and businesses, too. When planning to develop a web app using Node.js, make sure that the app is faster than the usual.

Here are a few ways by which a Node JS developmentcompany can speed up your Node.js web application:

Use asynchronous code

Node.js is single threaded by design, because of which synchronous code potentially locks up the entire application. For example, most file system APIs have their synchronous counterparts. A file read operation can be performed both synchronously and asynchronously.

However, when it comes to performing long running and blocking operations, the main thread remains blocked until the operation completes. This can have negative impact on 0/your app’s performance. Thus, the programmers should use asynchronous APIs in the code, especially in performance critical sections. In addition, the third party modules should be carefully chosen. Even if the developers avoid synchronous code, chances are that an external library may make a synchronous call, ultimately affecting the performance of the app.

Use caching

If there is some data that does not change frequently, a Node JS development company can cache it to enhance the app’s performance.

For example, if you do not publish the blogs frequently, your developers can cache the relevant array and clear the cache after some time.

Go for gzip compression

gzip compression, when turned on, can have a huge impact on the performance of your web app. When a gzip compatible browser requests for some resource, the response can be compressed by the server and then sent to the browser. In an event when gzip is not used to compress the static resource, the browser may take longer time to fetch it.

Use client side rendering when possible

The release of various client side MVC/MVVM frameworks such as AngularJS, Meteor, Ember, and more, has simplified the development of single page applications. Instead of rendering on the server side, the programmers simply expose APIs that send JSON responses to the client.

On the server side, a Node JS development company uses the framework to consume the JSON and then display on the UI. When JSON is sent from the server, it saves bandwidth and improves the speed because the layout markup is not sent with each request, instead a plain JSON is sent which is then rendered on the client side.

Avoid storing too much in sessions

In a usual Express web app, the session data is stored in memory by default. Storing too much data in the session can add significant overhead to the server. To deal with this, the programmers can either switch to another option to store session data or reduce the amount of data stored in the session.

For example, when users log in to your application, you can store their ID in the session rather than storing the entire object. Subsequently, on each request, the object can be retrieved from the ID.

Minify and concatenate JavaScript

A web application’s speed can be increased by minifying and concatenating multiple JS files into one. When a <script> element is encountered by the browser, the page rendering is blocked till the time the script is fetched and implemented.

For example, if a page includes 6 JavaScript files, the browser will have to make 6 separate HTTP requests to fetch the same. The overall performance of the app can be enhanced incredibly by minifying and concatenating these 6 files into one.

If you are looking to build your web application using Node.js, partner with an experienced Node JS development company for quality solutions that can not only enhance the overall performance of your app but also help you to accomplish your business goals.

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