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Top 10 Flutter and React Native UI Libraries

Krunal Shah

Jul 13, 2021

11 min readLast Updated Apr 27, 2023

Flutter and React Native UI Libraries

The app development realm is very dynamic and it is evolving at the speed of light.  With such rapid evolution, it has become almost necessary for businesses to comprehend cross-platform app development services. Cross-platform app development is necessary as it is cost-effective and helps in increasing the revenue as well.

Now in the cross-platform app development realm, Flutter and React Native are bringing a paradigm shift. One of the prime reasons behind their popularity is their UI libraries. Yes, both Flutter UI libraries and React Native UI libraries render flexibility to the developers. The libraries allow them to develop more emphatic apps that are durable and reap rich results at the market.

The UI libraries are the vital cog that allows the app to work consistently on both iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, they also ease the overall app navigation process thus enhancing the customer experience as well.

Thus, in this blog we will understand the nuances of the Flutter UI framework and React Native UI framework. Moreover, we will also see the list of the top 10 Flutter UI libraries and React Native UI libraries.

So, keep reading!

Difference between React Native and Flutter

React Native and Flutter

Before diving deep into the details of the top React Native and Flutter UI libraries, it is essential to understand the difference between the frameworks. Although used for cross-platform application development, both Flutter and React Native are unique in their own right. Let us have a look.

1.User Interface

It is important to understand that React Native does not have its own UI components library. Thus, it is essential for the framework to use third-party libraries such as NativeBase. On the other hand, UIs in Flutter UI framework are easy to use, more user-friendly and helps in increasing customer engagement.

2.Unit Testing

In React Native for unit testing, the developers have the entire set of JavaScript frameworks available. Moreover, the picture is not as bright in UI and automation testing for React Native. Despite the fact that the framework has a myriad of third-party libraries, the overall picture is not as bright.

Flutter uses Dart so despite being a new framework, it offers excellent unit testing. There are great options for quality analysts to test the widgets on a headless runtime with Flutter.

3.Community support

React Native is the popular open-source framework on Stack Overflow and the numbers back this fact. It has 14.5k user subreddit, 68K stars on Github and 9000 support on Stack Overflow and user Discord chat.

For Flutter, the community support is not as big as that of React Native. It has 30K stars on Github, 4.5K user subreddit and 740 users on Stack Overflow and Google Group.

4.Stability for application development

Since in cross-platform app development, the app is designed for both iOS and Android, stability becomes an important factor. Flutter UI framework offers improved tools to the developers and assets system for better stability. Moreover, as React Native has a large community of contributors, the app developed through it are stable as well.

Now after understanding the unique differences between both React Native and Flutter, it is time to look at the top 10 UI libraries.

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Top 10 React Native UI Libraries

React Native UI Libraries

Below is the list of top React Native UI libraries to get you started.


NativeBase React Native UI Libraries

NativeBase is one of the widely popular UI component library used for rendering cross-platform components for React Native. The perks of using NativeBase is that it allows the developers to use any third-party library out of the box. Be it customizable theme templates or useful starter kits, with NativeBase, the project itself comes up with rich ecosystem.

The UI component library has over 1.5K forks and 12K stars which helps in rendering better results.

2.React Native Elements

React Native Elements React Native UI Libraries

This React Native UI library is a highly customizable UI toolkit that is built completely in JavaScript. According to the authors, the main idea of React Native Elements is concentrated on the components rather than the actual design. It means that the UI library requires less boilerplate in setting up elements and full control over the designs. Thus, this features make this React Native UI library best for the newbies and the seasoned developers.

Also, the UI library has over 17K stars which clearly states that it is a ‘developer’s delight’.

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3.React Native Vector Icons

React Native Vector Icons React Native UI Libraries

React Native Vector Icons UI library is a set of customizable icons for React Native. It has 1372 forks and 12K stars and has support for Toolbar Android, full styling and image source. React Native Vector Icons are extremely useful and other UI libraries such as react-native-paper use it.

This React Native UI library has a set of pre-made bundled icons that are easy to extend and integrate in the project. Here are all the examples of the React Native Vector Icons UI library.

4.React Native Gifted Chat

React Native Gifted Chat React Native UI Libraries

If you are looking for a complete chat UI solution, React Native Gifted Chat can be the one-stop destination. The UI library has 2354 forks and nearly 8K stars and also offers multiple customizable components as well.

In addition to this, it offers attachment options, multiline text inputs, copying messages to the keyboards, etc.

5.React Native Material Kit

React Native Material Kit React Native UI Libraries

This library has a set of components with Ripple effect like material design and has 4.5K stars. The material design provides an emphatic comprehending experience to the users. Moreover, the material design also renders the same UI experience in desktop and mobile apps as well.

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6.React Native UI Kitten

React Native UI Kitten React Native UI Libraries

If you focus on getting customizable elements in a React Native UI library, React Native UI Kitten is your answer. The UI library has 606 forks and 5K stars. The components here are divided according to the requirements.

There are a lot of standalone components available, but there are very few frameworks available that offer a single package. Here, UI Kitten comes to the picture that aims to bridge the gap and enhance the process of app development.

This UI library is based on the Eva design system which brings stability and consistency to the development and design process. In addition, the developers can change the themes in runtime and it has sets of general-purpose UI as well.

7.React Native Paper

React Native Paper React Native UI Libraries

This cross-platform UI component follows the material design guidelines and has nearly 1.5K stars. Moreover, it also follows an optional babel-plugin to reduce the bundle-size. The library renders more than 30 components and is easy to integrate with.

Moreover, the React Native UI library does not require any extra layer to integrate it with bare React Native.

8.Nachos UI Kit

React Native Nachos UI Kit React Native UI Libraries

The Nachos UI Kit has 30+ customizable UI components that are ready to use. Moreover, it has 103 forks and 1752 stars and also works well for the web thanks to react-native-web.

As the UI components are fully customizable, the developers can use them according to their requirements. The list of different components includes, Button, Card, Carousel, Badge, Bubble, Checkbox, Spinner, Input, Slider and many more.

Nachos UI Kit is a carefully crafted React Native UI library as it has jest snapshot testing, yarn support, prettier. Therefore, the library also offers global theme manager and spicy design as well.

9.React Native Header View

React Native Header View React Native UI Libraries

This UI library uses different kinds of navigation bar styles and toolbar for Android and iOS apps. While using React Native Header View, the developers get access to everything ranging from the classic Android bars to the new iOS translucent bars.

This UI library is styled with Prettier and is battle-tested for optimal performance. There are different options of headers to choose from viz:

  • Classic Header
  • Profile Header
  • Gorgeous Header
  • Apple Header
  • Modern Header

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10.React Native Maps

The React Native Maps have 3297 forks and 10K stars and it offers map components for iOS and Android applications. Moreover, there are different types of component API in the kit as well like Maker, MapView, Polygon, Polyline, etc.

Top 10 Flutter UI libraries

Flutter UI Libraries

Since its inception, Flutter has proliferated by leaps and bounds and has become a top cross-platform app development framework. The framework has features such as Hot Reload that renders high performance to the app. Because of this, Flutter has become a pretty formidable cross-platform app development framework.

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Here are the top 10 Flutter UI libraries:

1.Liquid Swipe

Liquid Swipe Animation Flutter UI Libraries

Liquid swipe is a sliding flutter widget that is heavily customizable and flexible. Moreover, it is the revealing clipper to return off a wondrous liquid-like swipe. It is inspired by Cuberto’s IntroViews and liquid swipe.

The function of this sliding Flutter widget is based on the side to unhitch functions from different devices.


Basically, BeforeAfter is the plugin of the Flutter framework. But, it is possible for the developers to customize the themes as per their requirements. In this Flutter UI library, two images are mangled in Before and After.

Moreover, it is also possible to add new pictures so as to enhance the overall aesthetics of the application. Also, the process of uploading new pictures is very straightforward.


Giffy Flutter UI Libraries

If you are looking to exchange some animations or different clips, the Gif dialog box can come to your assistance. The Giffy dialog is a customizable and very beautiful alert dialog for Flutter.

Here the developers can customize the content by styling the text and setting images from URL and GIFs. The source code in this UI library is Dart and is available in the /lib folder.

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4.Flutter Chart

It is the Flutter UI library that has donut charts, pie charts, line charts, etc. In addition, it also shows different types of statistical analysis like data, prices, etc. in the app. Flutter chart in a nutshell is a very high quality mobile app user interface.

With the help of the charts, the UI library helps in showing the data in a precise and attractive way.

5.Bottom Navigation Bar

Forgoing from one page to another page by use of the thumb, the bottom navigation bar becomes very helpful. There are two unique properties of the bottom navigation bar, they are:


There are two main types available in the bottom navigation bar, they are: Shifting and Fixed. Moreover, the fixed type button is added to show any effect in the navigation when the button is clicked.


There are many icons available which are in the form of labels. These icons however are laid in the piece of material. There are two distinct properties of the Bottom Navigation Bar Item, they are:

  • Text
  • Item

Now in the latest available version, the developers can delete, add the empty text and delete the button text. Besides this, the Flutter UI framework can also make the text optional.


In simple words, GetIt is a service locator for Dart which is highly inspired by Splat. Moreover, it is the most important packages that can be pivotal in enhancing the performance of the app. This is the prime reason why GetIt is used extensively in many well-known apps built through Flutter.

Some of the most common usages of Get_It are:

  • It is used to access BLoCs/AppModels/View/Managers from the Flutter views
  • Get_It is also used to access the service objects like the databases and REST API Clients


URL Launcher Flutter UI Libraries

This Flutter UI library as the name suggests is used in assisting the launch of the URLs. The launching is done through different functions and predefined schemas as it supports both iOS and Android. Moreover, as it supports both iOS and Android, it becomes handy if you wish the OS to handle the URL.

There are multiple URL schemes such as email, SMS, HTTP, etc. that are supported by URL launcher.


Since Flutter UI framework deals in cross-platform app development, it is essential for developers to get used to the location. Thus, path_provider assists them in knowing the file systems such as app data directories on Android and iOS. Moreover, when they are using a SQFlite library, path_finder will help them in fetching the database.

It supports both the external and internal storages and makes it hassle-free to get directories like privates, documents, etc.

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Flutter UI Libraries Rxdart

RxDart is based on ReactiveX and is a reactive functional programming library for Google Dart. Here, the aim of Google Dart is to render an alternative API to add RxDart functionality on it. For this, it has come up with this out-of-the-box Streams API.

There is no Observable Class replacement for Dart Streams in RxDart. In place of it, it renders a myriad of additional subjects, stream classes, and operators.


Font awesome Flutter UI Libraries

This Flutter UI library has 1588 Flutter icons that can be easily used in an iOS or Android application. In addition, the implementation of these icons is really convenient and easy.


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Both Flutter and React Native are the leading cross-platform app development frameworks. Thus, it is up to the businesses to understand their requirement before opting for Flutter UI framework or React Native.

Moreover, since the present-day business environment is very dynamic, is always good to consult a leading mobile development company. They can guide you through the app development process and make it hassle-free.

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